Steeped in many legends, symbols of many squares, works of art or pleasant places to relax on summer days – these are city wells and fountains.

While walking through the capital, you will come across many historical buildings, museums or theatres. The atmosphere and face of Bratislava are also mirrored by beautiful wells and fountains. They represent places where people meet, but they are also windows into the past and remind us of important moments in the history of Pressburg.

They are full of many legends and stories and give the Old Town its unrepeatable charm. You should definitely not miss a walk in the footsteps of the city wells and fountains. To make it a real experience for you today, we will tell you the stories of the most interesting ones.

It is the oldest Bratislava fountain and is located only 7 min. walking from Hotel Devín**** HERE. It is also called Maximilian fountain, according to the emperor Maximilian II, who had it built in honour of his coronation in 1563. According to a legend, it was named after Roland – a great hero who was travelling as a saint in many countries, equipped with a heavy sword Durandal and a miraculous horn – Oliphant. Did you know that, in the past it used to have four urinating boys on it? At that time, they decorated part of the fountain column, but they offended people, so in the 18th century they were replaced by more chaste-looking baroque children, so-called puttas, carrying fish.

It is located on Franciscan Square, just a 9-minute walk from the hotel building HERE. This fountain is decorated with a statue of a woman with a jug, also known as Nymph Francisca. In 1590, a devastating fire hit Bratislava during which almost the entire centre of the city burned down including about 320 houses. The fire became the impetus for building a well on Franciscan Square. Today, on the site of the old well, you can find a fountain with a statue of a woman in antique clothing with a helmet on her head. She is holding a small jug in her hands as if she still wants to put out the surrounding fires.

Directly in front of the historic SND building, just a 6-minute walk from the bank of the Danube, there stands the icon of the Main Square – the Ganymede´s Fountain HERE. It is a connection between Greek mythology and old Bratislava legends. The very top of the fountain is decorated with an eagle with large spread wings, on which a smiling boy is sitting. In addition to the boy and the eagle, the fountain is also decorated by children.  They hold four types of the most typical Danube fish – carp, pike, toothfish and catfish whose mouths spout water.

The Square of the Primate’s Palace is decorated with the fountain of St. George. You can also get there on foot directly from Hotel Devín****. This walk will take about 9 minutes and you can find the fountain HERE. A valiant knight sits on a horse and pierces, with a spear, one of the monster’s three heads from which water flows. A legend says that every April 24th, on St. George’s Day, the horseman turns once around his axis, gets down from his steed and waves his spear in all directions.

You can make your walk along the bank of the Danube more pleasant by visiting Šafárik Square, where you can find the Duck fountain HERE. It only takes about 9 min. Farm animals were once a common part of Pressburg yards and during the day they were often cared for by children who had time for it. Today, it is hard to imagine that once there were swamps and puddles on Šafárik Square, willows and reeds grew there, and naughty barefoot boys carelessly grazed ducks on the banks of the Danube. At least that’s how it is told in a Bratislava legend which was supposedly the inspiration for the sculptor Robert Kühmayer when he created this wonderful Duck Fountain in the park in the middle of the square.

Get to know other beauties of Bratislava and enjoy your stay at Hotel Devín****.

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