The famous director Bård Breien, who has directed films such as Negative Thinking Course, has been filming his latest film about a Norwegian boxer at Hotel Devín****, whose name also appears in the title of the film. Our hotel is a popular place to shoot scenes taking place in the past, so we asked the director how his journey to us was.

Mr. director, tell us firsthand what your film Havnå is about?

It is the story of two brothers from a small coastal town in Norway, both boxers. The younger one is more talented, the older one helps him achieve success and he becomes the world champion. However, the story does not end here.

Your film probably will not be about the road to success and winning a championship like Rocky. Which of the brothers is actually the main hero?

A few years after the world success, the younger brother dies in a boat accident. A few days later, the older brother becomes involved in the largest bank robbery in Norwegian history, in which a policeman dies. He is sentenced to 16 years in prison. The younger brother had a son who, within a second, lost his father and his role model. It’s one shock after another for the family. The older brother lives in a shame and isolation feeling he has disappointed the whole family. Suddenly, after 12 later, his nephew contacts him as he also wants to become a boxer like his father. Erling slowly rises from the bottom, begins to build his life from scratch, and when he is released, he begins to train his nephew and partially replaces his father. So the main hero is the older brother. He´s not bad. All his youth, he put all his energy into helping his brother, he was always on the second track, felt like a loser, and always wanted to do something big. Then this tragedy happens.

Have you been making the script with the real Erling Havnå? Does he know you’re shooting his story?

It is a true based story; I consulted with Erling very much on its preparation. I studied this story for years; all the facts were in the newspapers. I tried to stick to the facts as much as possible, but each script needs to be grasped, processed in a certain way. I had to think from what perspective I would offer my point of view.

The film genre will probably be drama.

Yes, it’s dramatic, but the guys are quite funny in some scenes, even though it’s a pretty serious movie. The story moves back and forth in time. These are memories, reality, intertwining of several lines. It’s a different look at the famous story, the film and the characters are much richer and have a lot to say.

How did you get to Hotel Devín****?

We knew we wanted to shoot in Slovakia. The film crew and I were looking for locations in the spring, and as soon as we walked into this hotel, we knew that was IT. The reception was gorgeous, the light inside, the exclusive look that we liked. From the beginning, we had a good feeling about the space. In Slovakia, we have finally shot 2/3 of the film.

Which scenes have you been filming in our hotel?

The World Championship, which took place in a beautiful hotel in Copenhagen. Preparations for the first match, a problem with the manager before the match which Magne eventually loses. We have also filmed the reception and 2 scenes in the restaurant.

Where else will you be shooting?

We are shooting in Slovakia for another 40 days. In Bratislava, we are also having locations in the House of Sport, then scenes in Trnava and Piešťany. And, of course, in the big TV studios.

So the whole filming has started in Slovakia?

We have already had scenes from Norway ready, Slovak colleagues came to shoot with us. We are very satisfied with this Czech-Slovak-Norwegian cooperation. You know that old joke, “What’s in the middle of Czechoslovakia? Oslo, of course.”

Thank you very much for this pleasant conversation and we hope we will be able to see Havnå in Slovak cinemas in 2024.