Functionalism is an architectural style where in design everything is subordinated to functions. The phrase is „Form follows function (L. H. Sullivan, 1896). Its principles were formulated in 1927 by the French architect Le Corbusier and these principles are still applied today.

The principles are interesting: rejection of history and the artistic side of architecture, taking into account social tasks, hygiene needs, lack of ornamentation, construction, geometric shapes, asymmetry and truthfulness. This means that the form is determined by the operational, economic, social, hygiene and building functions. Buildings usually have a cuboid shape. Due to the different functional requirements of individual parts of the building, they have an asymmetrical layout. The bond between internal and external space is clearly expressed. In terms of construction, the skeleton system is most often used. Other features of functionalist buildings are a flat roof, striped windows, a smooth facade of white or delicate colour.

Functionalism also influenced the interior design. Linoleum, artificial leather, chrome, glass and lacquered wood are used in the interiors. Furniture has the form of geometric shapes, it is austere and chrome-plated and nickel pipes, plastics, smoke glass were mainly used as materials.

In Hotel Devín****, these principles are beautifully visible – bright Spiš travertine used on the facade of the building, the building has a cuboid shape, an asymmetrical layout based on functional requirementsthe higher front of the hotel building and the lower back part intended for kitchen and administration. In the interior, glossy wooden tiles are used, rounded on the corners. High glass windows, leatherette rounded armchairs, chrome parts of chairs in Café Devín, mirrors reflecting space in the French restaurant.

The hotel building has been a national cultural monument since 1986. Until 1996, Hotel Devín**** was managed by the state enterprise Interhotely, only then it was taken over by private owners. In 2011 – 2012, it underwent an extensive reconstruction which sensitively followed the original style.

Other well-known functionalist buildings in the world:

  • Bauhaus building, Dessau, Germany
  • MetLife Building, New York, USA
  • Villa Savoy, Poissy, France
  • Villa Tugendhat, Brno, the Czech Republic

Other well-known buildings by Mr. Emil Belluš:

  • Water tower, Trnava
  • The Colonnade bridge, Piešťany
  • Faculty of architecture FAD STU, Bratislava
  • Propeller, Bratislava