Annual ball in hotel Devín

Ladies in beautiful gowns and elegant men enter the hotel Devín****. In the foyer you can hear the music of the harp and we welcome you with champagne together with our director. We have been preparing this moment for months. A small photo to remember on the red carpet and you can enter the main hall, which is ready for an unforgettable story. Festive lighting, white embellishment, glass decorations like of a winter fairy tale, flowers and ostrich feathers. The staff in double rows, the kitchen in full swing, the dancers and presenters, all ready for a beautiful evening.

Beautiful dancers will start the evening full of anticipation and couples can dance their first waltz. After that, the hosts will interview our chef Ľubo Molnár, the director will toast to everyone’s health and, wishing everyone a pleasant evening, the staff can begin to bring out one by one all the courses of a fantastic dinner that will soothe and satisfy the body and spirit of our guests.

The presenting duo Katka Brychtová and Martin Nikodým with charisma and elegance accompanied the whole evening during the program. The main star of the evening, Lina Mayer, added to the magical experience with her performance, which was enhanced by the performances of Samo Tomeček & Milujem Slovensko Band and the Kuštárovci dulcimer band. The music was truly for everyone, from modern hits to traditional Slovak melodies, which created a unique atmosphere for the whole evening. The dinner was complemented by a festive late buffet.

One of the highlights of the evening was the lavish raffle, which added to the excitement of the chance to win unique prizes. Our guests won beautiful experiences – accommodation in Zanzibar in the new Czech-Slovak ZARIA Garden complex from Fair travel, a wellness stay at the Zochova chata hotel, a weekend stay in a luxury mountain chalet in the Mountain Chalets complex in Valčianska dolina, a year-round drinking regime from Budiš, spirits from St. Nicolaus and many other interesting prizes.

The annual ball at Hotel Devín was not only about celebrating a significant milestone in the hotel’s history, but also about creating new stories and memories for its guests. Everyone who attended took a piece of magic home, making the ball an unforgettable part of their personal stories. Experiencing such an evening of joy, dancing and music in a setting that reflects a rich history and tradition was a real treat. Hotel Devín is not only a place with a long history, but also a place where new stories are still being written.