Following the footsteps of Bratislava theatres

Bratislava is a city with a rich history where art and culture play an important role. It boasts of picturesque streets interwoven with galleries, museums and, above all, theatres. In the capital you will find up to 30 theatres, including the Slovak National Theatre offering a repertoire of ballet, drama or opera.

Let yourself be carried away by graceful melodies, charming dance and breathtaking performances of talented Slovak or foreign artists.

Follow the footsteps of Bratislava theatres and experience exceptional moments in connection with art and culture in Bratislava.


Slovak National Theatre (SND)

The companies of the Slovak National Theatre perform in two buildings, the SND Historic Building situated in Hviezdoslav Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie) and the SND New Building.

If you go for a walk along the dominant river Danube, in 20 minutes you will see a modern building of the Slovak National Theatre.

The New Building of the Slovak National Theatre was designed by the architects Martin Kusý, Pavol Paňák and Peter Bauer whose design won the competition, that brought together fifty-three projects. The noble feel of the building is further enhanced by a number of outdoor and indoor art pieces.

The building has seven stories, over two thousand rooms and three main halls:

  • The Opera and Ballet Stage
  • The Drama Stage
  • The Studio

Only 500m from the Hotel Devín**** in a beautiful historical square you will find the Historical Building of the Slovak National Theatre.

Neo-renaissance building of the SND Opera was built in the years 1884-86 as a City theatre.  It is an artwork designed by the Vienna-based architects Fellner and Helmer.  The Historic building of the Slovak National Theatre was built in neo-renaissance style in 1886 as a City theatre. Thanks to its reputation and top artists, the opera is a secret tip among classical music connoisseurs.


In an immediate proximity of the Hotel Devin****, just 5 minutes on foot through the historical centre of Bratislava you will find the impressive Slovak Philharmonic.

Slovak Philharmonic was established in 1949.  Two internationally reputed personalities of musical life Václav Talich and Ľudovít Rajter stood at the orchestra’s birth. Other chief conductors played an important role in the orchestra’s musical evolution – Tibor Frešo, Ladislav Slovák, Libor Pešek, Vladimir Verbickij, Bystrík Režucha and Aldo Ceccato.

The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra regularly gives guest performances on leading European stages and at festivals. As part of its numerous foreign tours, it has performed in almost all European countries, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and the USA.


City theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav

Streets of the Old Town with unique atmosphere will lead you to the theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav only 800m from the Hotel Devín****.

It is located in the former building of the Slovak National Bank on the corner of Laurinská and Štúrova streets, built between 1943 and 1947. The artist František Gajdoš is responsible for the original decoration of the auditorium, foyers and curtain. Janko Alexy, a great Slovak painter, created the stained-glass windows in the foyer. The city theatre offers various genres such as drama, alternative theatre, children’s theatre, musicals and music concerts.

Astorka Korzo 90

Not far from the historically important Michalská brána and only 12 minutes on foot from the Hotel Devín**** you can find an interesting theatre of Astorka Korzo 90.

The theatre Korzo´90 was founded on 1st April 1990 and the first season 1990/1991 dates from September 1990. In 1993, it adopted the name Astorka Korzo´90 based on the name of the former café Astória which was located in the building of the original residence of Astorka Korzo´90 theatre in the street of Suché mýto 17. Astorka has been operating in Námestie SNP 33 since 2002.

Astorka Korzo´90 theatre supports the tradition of the theatre Divadlo Na Korze, which was famous for its discovering dramaturgical and directing methods – especially in relation to modern world classics. The beginnings of Astorka were inseparably connected to the idea of Divadlo Na Korze. Nowadays the theatre presents an attractive repertoire based on the personal acting of a star constellation of the ensemble consisting of the most important actors in Slovakia


Only 9 minutes from the Hotel Devín**** surrounded by historical buildings and in a pleasant shade of trees, you will find an inconspicuous but imaginative GUnaGU Theatre.

GUnaGU Theatre is a professional ensemble of an alternative type which appeals mainly to young people. Up to now, more than forty original premieres have been presented. A distinctive feature of “Made in GUnaGU” plays is humour – sometimes black and cool, which captures best the value and emotional turmoil of the beginning of the third millennium. It is a mixture of the dream with the comic, the poetic with the brutal, combination of literary subtleties with street slang that creates a hot stage cocktail sought after especially by young spectators, for whom GUnaGU has become a cult scene.

New Scene Theatre

From the Hotel Devín **** through the Main Square, under Michalská brána to the New Scene Theatre, there is a 1.5 km long path offering the most beautiful corners of Bratislava.

It has been a part of the professional theatre in Slovakia for more than 70 years. During the decades of its existence, it has presented hundreds of successful productions of operettas, musicals, plays and children’s performances seen by tens of thousands of spectators. Great stars of the Slovak musical performing arts have stood on its boards. The conductor’s mallet has been held in the hands of excellent conductors. Legendary directors, renowned stage and costume designers as well as choreographers have left behind unforgettable titles appreciated many times by spectators abroad as well.

At present, the New Scene Theatre makes conditions for the creation and production of original Slovak musicals. However, it also successfully presents world-famous musical gems. After a long time, it has returned the operetta to the stage. It attracts young viewers within the Mladá Nová scéna serie, and the youngest viewers fall in love with musical fairy tales as well as family musicals.


Theatre Radošinské naivné divadlo (RND)

Although a 45-minute walk through the city leads to the theatre, a visit to this authentic theatre should not be missed.

It was established in the sixties of the last century in the small village of Radošina. The theatre was founded by a student of the Faculty of Education in Nitra and a long-time amateur actor and director Stanislav Štepka. The Theatre RND is an author´s theatre with original poetics, which from the beginning to the present day performs plays by the only author, Stanislav Štepka.


We are glad to bring you a sample of the most interesting theatres in Bratislava. Talented Slovak artists and all sort of culture are a proof that our capital is full of artistic tradition and a rich history. From the historic building of the Hotel Devín **** you can really “jump into” theatres and combining culture with excellent gastronomy and relaxation is undoubtedly a great idea.