For an interview about the wedding of Karin and Juraj in Hotel Devín**** we met almost a year later. With the spouses, only the most beautiful memories persist, and their family has grown in the meantime with the tiny son of Hugo. While we were talking at Café Devín and the spouses were answering our questions, Juraj’s mother was taking care of the baby. She also contributed with her answers to the whole picture of their beautiful wedding.

  • Bride and groom: Karin and Juraj
  • Wedding date: 5.2022
  • Ceremony: Modrý kostolík (Blue church)
  • Bride´s dress: Wedding salon Nicole
  • Groom´s suit: Alain Delon
  • Organizator: Ambientes
  • Make-up, hairstyle: Boris Borodács
  • Photographer: Tomáš Záhumenský

Why him?

K: Because he is intelligent and smart. He has a good heart, and now I know he’s a fantastic father. I can rely on him for everything, for absolutely everything.  I trust him 100%.


Why her?

J: Because she has exactly the same qualities that I don’t. She is active and can handle the things that are bothering me. She is systematic and can bring things to an end. She is social and energetic. She solves everything and pulls it together.

How are you the same and how are you different?

K+J: We share common taste and opinions. But our nature is very different. The difference unites us, we both use it. We leave to each other what we are good at. We know each other and we don’t compete.

Do you have common rituals?

K: That is a good question. We always do everything together. When we leave, even when we arrive, we kiss. And every day we tell each other we love each other.

How did he propose to you?

K: In my hometown, in Snina. As I have only a father, Juraj first asked him. Later, we went for a walk and he proposed to me at the church. I did not expect it at all. I said yes without hesitation.

What moments do you think of when you hear the word Wedding?

K: The whole ceremony was touching to me. I was six months pregnant and there were a lot of beautiful emotions. We had an intimate wedding, up to 30 people. They could talk to one another, we could give our time to them and it was beautiful.

J: We forgot about the toast. People had a welcome drink at the entrance to the hall, but we didn’t have toast glasses on the tables. There was such a wonderful waiter who immediately arranged everything. Within a minute there were glasses on the table for all people.

Juraj´s mother: A wonderful wedding, everything went perfectly. The fact, my son was getting married, was just emotional for me. It was a beautiful May day, neither warm nor cold. All happy and beautiful. The bride’s family had fun from the very first moment, danced and made a great atmosphere.

How many people took care of you?

K: Anyone who went around. I love these people at the Devín Hotel ****. We were taken care of by everyone from the receptionist to the director. Whoever we asked, they were all happy to do it. They also gave us a surprise. Dancing our first dance, the confetti exploded. And then there was a hotel full of it. It was also in the lobby the next day, I sympathized with the maids. And a wonderful, affable Mr. Director. He came to check on us and make sure everything was fine even in the evening after work during a walk with the dog.

What was the décor like?

Juraj´s mother: When we entered the hall, we were breathless. On the tables shaped to the T, there were white roses and white freesias that smelled wonderful. Glass balls hung from the ceiling. We sat on golden chairs; there were a royal blue tablecloth, gold cutlery and translucent plates on the tables. Candles floated in vases made of pure glass, the whole thing was glowing. Something beautiful. Everyone had freesia and a menu on their plate. On the sides there were candy bars with desserts. I had never seen such decoration in my life.

What about the food?

J: We wanted a modern menu, but parents were worried whether guests outside Bratislava would enjoy it. They were afraid people would not get full on modern dishes. However, we were clear on this issue. We chose a menu that everyone liked and really no one was left hungry. Later, when it came time for the buffet, they couldn’t eat. The food was luxurious and special at the same time. The guests enjoyed it immensely.

  • Starter: Venison pate in burgundy pear with French baguette
  • Soup: Beef tail broth with marrow and vegetables julienne
  • Main course: Duck breast sous vide, butter rolled dumplings with herbs, cabbage puree, marinated apples

So, was it the most beautiful day of your life?

K+J: It was an amazing wedding. We were so fine, everyone was sad that it had to come to an end. People told us they had never had as much fun as they did back then.


We are very thankful for sharing beautiful memories of such a special day and we wish Karin, Juraj and little Hugo only the best in their lives!