Vanilla custard á la Devín

Many of us certainly remember Sunday afternoons spent in the patisserie with our family. The showcase in the patisserie always played with all colors and many flavors. Choosing the most delicious dessert was many times really difficult 🙂

But we all agree that traditional vanilla custard has always been a guarantee of delicious taste and perfection of the art of confectionery.

The history of vanilla custard has been going on for 60 years. Its origins are much debated, but it is said that its roots are in the Slovenian town of Bled. A certain Serbian chef, Ištván Lukačevič, moved with his family to this town and began writing the famous story of a traditional creamer.

At that time when this delicious dessert became known to people, our Café was born, and has been connected with the daily life of Bratislava residents since 1954. Traditional desserts have always been an integral part of it and the delicious cream was the main character in the story of the iconic confectionery in the Café Hotel Devín ****. Thanks to our pastry chef Katka Lešková, the story can continue and to this day you can enjoy this unique dessert in the historic premises of Café Devín.

But what makes Vanilla custard á la Devín different? The original recipe of puff pastry, vanilla pudding, delicious whipped cream and quality chocolate are the basis for the right taste. Adhering to the recipe is not enough for a perfect experience and enjoying the present moment. Our team humbly puts a piece of love and hospitality into their work, and that is the secret of Vanilla custard á la Devín.

We cordially invite you to Café Devín.

Come with your family and friends and enjoy the delicious taste of this traditional dessert.