The organization of conferences has made much progress over the past few years. Among other things, today it offers you the opportunity to use social networks that can make the event an attractive personalized experience. Each participant can participate in the process regardless of whether they find the courage to raise their hand and contribute to the discussion.

  • Create an event on Facebook and LinkedIn. On each of these networks you have a different audience, use both sources of contacts and invite potential participants to your conference. Keep sharing updates about speakers, topics, the programme, and other important conference information.


  • Create an official hashtag. Promote your conference on social networks. This way, the participants can share their experiences, photos, and thoughts about the conference, which can create a stronger community.
  • Stream the conference live. Broadcast presentations and live discussions so that the participants, who are unable to attend, can watch the event online. It may also be beneficial for those participants who want to repeat some presentations.
  • Engage the participants with surveys in the Slido app. The best tool for maintaining attention, and thus remembering lectures, is to involve participants. There is not always room to express the views of all participants. Using the application, you can ask questions during the programme and directly evaluate their results.


  • Post updates during the conference. Update social networks with information about what’s going on at the conference in real time. Post photos and videos from the conference and share the views of the participants on your conference.

By sharing information outside of the conference, you will attract potential participants to your next event. With photos and videos, you will collect material to promote a next year conference and create a community of people interested in your events.