Walk barefoot on the grass, listen to the noise of leaves or smell a stunning smell of flowers. You would usually look for these joys and beauties somewhere in the forest or in the meadow out of the city.

Bratislava is fortunate enough to have several rare gardens or city parks in addition to its rich history and culture. So in the capital, in addition to exploring the sights, visiting theatres or concerts, you can also enjoy romantic walks or picnics with friends.

In order to enjoy fully your excursions and with ease, we will inspire you with the most interesting parks and gardens you definitely need to see.

In the area of Bratislava Castle, just 17 min on foot from Hotel Devín****, you can relax in a pleasant environment with a view to the whole city.

The Baroque castle garden was renovated in 2016, according to the plans from the reign of Maria Theresa.

On the ground there is white stoneware chippings, in the garden there are planted 122 silver fines, about 6000 box-trees in the hedges and about 1500 summer plants. Interesting sculptures and fountains complete the overall atmosphere.

Opening hours of the Baroque Garden can be found HERE

A walk through the Old Town can be enjoyed by visiting the Grassalkovich Garden, which is only 18 minutes walk from Hotel Devín****.

A dominant feature of the presidential garden is the fountain from 1978 called Joy of Life, which consists of three sculptures of women playing with a ball. In the garden you can also find a statue of Maria Theresa.

In addition to this, a total of 12 pieces of playground equipment are in the garden, such as swings, beams, horizontal bars, climbs and trains made of black locust wood. There are also several benches, lots of greenery and trees planted in the alley or summer flower beds that will make your walk in the park more pleasant.

Opening hours of the Grassalkovich garden can be found HERE

A stroll along the Danube has undoubtedly its charm and if you end it with a visit to the Botanical Garden, it will become a beautiful experience.  It is located 45min on foot from Hotel Devín**** and it is a real botanical gem.

It is a balm for the soul and a pasture for the eyes. You will find all the colours of flowers, rock-gardens, lakes and exotic plants in greenhouses. The paths are lined with trees from all over the world. And the oasis of fragrances is a rosary with 120 species of roses.

Opening hours of the Botanical garden and more information on entry fees can be found HERE

Only 10min walk from Hotel Devín****, on the opposite side of the river Danube, there is the oldest public park in Central Europe and one of the oldest Central European parks ever –Sad Janka Kráľa.

It was founded on the right bank of the river Danube in 1774-76. Currently, the park is characterized by “large-scale natural interiors”. Robust rare trees are complemented by small architecture. Typical are separate small spaces of circular shape decorated with elements of zodiac. The most important architectural element is the unique garden gazebo, originally the tower of the Franciscan church. In the heart of the garden, there is a statue of Janko Kráľ. Currently, the park has a cultural and social function as it serves as a relaxing and meeting place.

Opening hours of the garden Sad Janka kráľa can be found HERE

A picturesque path, that will not take more than 40 minutes from the hotel, leads under the gate Michalská brána, around Slavín to the end where you will find the Bratislava Calvary. 

It is one of the first and most important calvaries, not only in the territory of contemporary Slovakia but in the whole of Hungary as well. Calvary Hill, from the past to the present, serves as a place of prayers, occasional pilgrimages and the ways of the Cross. There is also a nice view to a part of Bratislava, so this place is definitely worth a visit.

If you have decided to visit the Bratislava Calvary, do not miss a visit to the Mountain Park and the so-called “Prugerka”.

The mountain park has an area of 22 hectares and there are various types of trees. The park also includes a historical forest lodge Horský Park, which has become a popular place of relaxation, meeting people and an original cultural centre of Bratislava.  The natural centre of the park is Justi Memorial with a terrace for relaxing.

Nearby there is also Pruger – Wallner Garden, which carries a piece of history and is open to the public. When you come for a visit here, you will find playground equipment for children, natural furnishings, bridges over wetlands, wooden paths, information boards highlighting biodiversity and the history of the garden so that visitors can learn more about plants and animals.