The tale of a Christmas tree

One of the most beautiful symbols, inextricably linked with the holidays of love and peace, is the Christmas tree, without which we can hardly imagine Christmas.

In old Bratislava, however, the Christmas tree was something more – a symbol not only of Christmas, but also of human companionship, which at that time the inhabitants perceived as the main message of the holidays.

Setting up a Christmas tree in Hotel Devín **** has a tradition for 67 years. For the first time, Christmas spruce lit up in the hotel on December 6, 1954.

The first mention of the Christmas tree comes from Bremen, Germany, around 1570. It was originally a tree decorated with fruit, nuts, sweets, or just a symbolic ornament. Around the 17th century, trees began to appear in households in large numbers, and in the 18th century it crossed the borders of Germany and spread throughout the world, including Slovakia.

Our Christmas tree, which took its place of honor in the heart of Café Devín, was inspired by memories from 1954, when the hotel first opened its gates to the public. It is decorated with small details of the most valuable works of art, which beautify the hotel premises throughout the year. These magnificent works for Hotel Devín were created by the most famous Slovak artists in the 1960s. You can enjoy looking at works like:

“Dancing couple” by the important sculptor Ladislav Pollák

“Komu sa nelení, tomu sa zelení” (which can be briefly translated as „no pain, no gain“) by painters Janko and Šárka Alexy

Etched glass with a folk theme by the art glassmaker Ctibor Belan

and last but not least, the beautiful architecture of Emil Beluš, main architect of hotel Devín and many other wonderful works.

The tree is finished with an art deco star, as our symbol of tradition in a new dress.

Let yourself be surprised by what we will hang on the Christmas tree next year.

The team of Hotel Devín **** wishes you a merry Christmas.