Обеденное меню

Традиционная и международная гастрономия

  • Monday

    • Pheasant broth with meat and fried noodles
    • Chicken leg stew with homemade dumplings
    • Chocolate brownies with sour cherries
  • Tuesday

    • Bean soup Jókai
    • Pork schnitzel, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad
    •  Curd cheese strudel with vanilla cream
  • Wednesday

    • Traditional mushroom soup “Kulajda”
    • Roasted turkey with stuffing, batata purée. Roasted trout, basmati rice.
    • Gnocchi with spinach and parmesan
    • Buffet offer of desserts and salads
  • Thursday

    • Beef broth with meat and noodles
    • Deer meat pieces with red cabbage and homemade dumpling
    • Chocolate mousse with forest fruit and whipped cream
  • Friday

    • Lentil sour soup
    • Salmon and tuna, saffron tagliatelle, Riesling sauce
    • Vanilla panna cotta with fresh figs

Haven't chosen yet? Try the seasonal offer or a fit lunch

Fit lunch
  • Lettuce with grilled cheese, toast bread and cranberries
Seasonal menu
  • Confit duck leg, red cabbage with oranges, homemade dumpling

  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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