Obed u Francúzov

Delikátny obed v exkluzívnych priestoroch Francúzskej reštaurácie

  • Monday

    • Broccoli soup with croutons
    • Turkey skewer with saffron rice and grilled vegetable
    • Vanilla pudding with fruit
  • Tuesday

    • French onion soup with cheese toast
    • Beef ribs goulash with homemade dumpling
    • Traditional Slovak leavened cake “štedrák”
  • Wednesday

    • Traditional Czech white soup “Kulajda”
    • Pork tenderloin Wellington, mashed potatoes. Veal ragout with dumplings. Mushroom risotto with spinach
    • Buffet offer of desserts and salads
  • Thursday

    • Pigeon broth with noodles and vegetable
    • Vienesse pork schnitzel, Slovak salad
    • Chocolate brownie
  • Friday

    • Lentil soup with vegetable and chilli
    • Butter trout, roasted potatoes with rosemary, fennel purée
    • Apple cake with whipped cream

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Fit lunch
  • Lettuce with smoked trout and avocado mayonnaise
Seasonal menu
  • Deer leg with cream and cranberries, Viennese dumpling

  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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