An inseparable part of Finnish culture, a place where we can sort out our thoughts in silence and allow our body to regenerate – this could be a basic characteristic of sauna taking.

However, sauna taking has many more benefits than it might seem at first sight. It is not only a relaxation for the body and mind, but it has many health benefits: it improves blood circulation and heart activity, strengthens immunity and much more. It is also said sauna is a fountain of youth thanks to its great effect on skin.

In order to have a really positive effect on our body, it is necessary to follow correct principles of sauna taking.  What are they? Let´s have a brief look at how to strengthen your health and to relax by taking a sauna.



Having a shower is important before taking a sauna itself. It cleans the body from dirt and at the same time it is an important acclimatization step to the following procedures. Have a shower under warm water and wash yourself with a natural soap.



Swimming in the relaxation pool belongs to anaerobic and relaxation exercises. With moderate movement, we will warm our body from the inside and it will be perfectly prepared for a stay in saunas. Don’t forget to dry yourselves off after swimming – this will promote better sweating in the sauna.

The temperature in the Finnish sauna usually ranges from 80 to 100 °C. One sauna session should not exceed 15 minutes. When you get out of the sauna, follow these steps:

  • a shower to wash off sweat and then a shower with cold water
  • cooling

You can continue taking the Finnish sauna after you have cooled down perfectly and refilled liquids. You can repeat the sauna process 3-4 times.

The thermometer in the steam sauna usually does not exceed 50°C, but air humidity reaches up to 100%. The advantage of a steam sauna is its lower burden on the body, so even people who cannot go to a classic sauna can enjoy it. When you get out of the sauna, follow these steps:

  • a shower to wash off sweat and then a shower with cool water
  • followed by a stay in the rest room andrefill of liquids.


A massage after sauna taking is literally a balm for the body and soul. It multiplies the relaxing and healing effect of the sauna. During the summer months, various peelings or manual lymphatic drainage are favourable – they keep the skin firm and hydrated. During the winter time, a full-body massage along with aromatherapies will relieve us of the accumulated stress.




The final and very important step is a rest. Wrap yourself up in a blanket, close your eyes and relax.

We believe we have helped you with these instructions for proper sauna taking and you will be able to enjoy your stay in the Hotel Devín**** Wellness Centre to your heart’s content and will leave perfectly rested.

We are looking forward to your visit!