Menú del día

Deliciosos almuerzos en el Restaurante FrMozzarella caprese with basilancés

  • Monday

    • Bean soup Jókai
    • Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and dried tomato in pancetta with saffron risotto
    • Vanilla pudding with fruits
  • Tuesday

    • Beef broth with semolina dumplings
    • Slow braised veal cheeks in red wine, glazed vegetables, potato puree
    • Dumplings with poppy seed
  • Wednesday

    • White cabbage soup
    • Confit veal, pea puree, carrot tagliatelle
    • Chocolate panna cotta
  • Thursday

    • Tripe soup
    • Boiled beef, horseradish sauce, arancini, broccoli with butter
    • French cream cake
  • Friday

    • Creamy garlic soup with croutons
    • Grilled fillet bream, grilled vegetables, herb baguette
    • Lemon cake

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Fit lunch
  • Lettuce salad with smoked salmon and poached egg
Seasonal menu
  • Risotto with baby spinach and grilled tuna pieces

  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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