Hotel Devín's philosophy

Tradition in the heart of Bratislava


We honour history, honest work, and traditional values passed down and preserved from generation to generation. That is the cornerstone of our philosophy, which applies to our relationship with our guests. We want our guests to experience the true hospitality typical of Slovakia and Bratislava.

The independent Hotel Devín is closely connected to Bratislava and its residents, forming part of the social scene in the city. The hotel building is a protected landmark by renowned architect Emil Belluš, and one of the key buildings from the functionalist period. It was completely renovated between 2011 - 2012. We aimed to build on the tradition of this prominent hotel, and to sensitively renovate while maintaining its original character.

Hotel Devín has been a special meeting point ever since it opened in 1954. We aim to continue this tradition. We also want to transform each visit to its elegant and charming premises into an exceptional occasion.

Significant events and personalities that have paid us a visit:




Opening of Hotel Devin

Grand opening of the hotel designed by renowned architect Emil Bellus.


Elizabeth Taylor

Silver screen Hollywood star.


Giulietta Masina Fellini

The wife and muse of Italian director Federico Fellini.


Karel Gott

The most famous Czech singer.


Alexander Dubček

Politician and important personality of the Prague Spring of 1968.


Václav Havel

The last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of post-revolutionary Czech Republic.



The famous guitar player of Guns N' Roses.



The highest spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet.


Jean Paul Belmondo

The world-famous French film and stage actor.


David Copperfield

American magician and illusionist.


Karol XVI. Gustáv

King of Sweden.


Complex renovation 

Complex renovation aiming to build on the tradition of a prominent hotel in the centre of Bratislava.


Andrej Kiska

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, president of the Slovak Republic.


Connected with Bratislava and its residents

Discover the culture of Slovakia's capital, its atmosphere, history, as well as shopping centres and sports facilities. Everything that Bratislava has to offer is only a few steps away from the hotel.


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