A perfect harmony for your body and mind.

Wide variety of massages is Hotel Devin’s specialty. Our masseuses create an atmosphere of perfect relaxation. Thanks to them, you shall experience perfect relaxation after a busy day.

We offer massages per booking at the Spa Centre reception - by phone or by e-mail.

Price List of massages  
Classical Massage, 30 min 30 EUR
Classical Massage, 60 min 54 EUR
Relaxation Massage, 60 min 52 EUR
Sports Massage, 60 min 52 EUR
Back, neck, shoulders, 45 min 45 EUR
Aroma massage, 75 min 60 EUR
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, 75 min 65 EUR
Hot Stone Massage, 60 min 60 EUR
Honey Detoxication Massage, 25 min 27 EUR
Pregnancy Massage, 45 min 55 EUR
Foot Massage, 30 min 30 EUR
Facial Massage, 30 min 30 EUR