Lunch menu

Delicious lunch at the exclusive French Restaurant

  • Monday

    • Vegetable soup with pepper and dumplings
    • Turkey steak baked with broccoli and cheddar cheese, jasmine rice, lettuce
    • Tiramisu with chestnut foam
  • Tuesday

    • Poultry soup
    • Sirloin stroganoff with saffron dumplings
    • Curd cheese strudel
  • Wednesday

    • Lentil sour soup
    • Roasted lamb leg. Salmon fillet.Traditional cabbage dumplings “strapačky”. Lasagne with vegetable ragout
    • Buffet offer of desserts and salads
  • Thursday

    • Pheasant broth with roasted mushrooms
    • Pork tenderloin medallions with tagliatelle and gorgonzola sauce
    • Curd cheesecake with fruit
  • Friday

    • Creamy carrot soup
    • Poached zander fillet, confitted trout fillet with topinambur purée and spinach
    • Pineapple cake

Haven't chosen yet? Try the seasonal offer or a fit lunch

Fit lunch
  • Vegetable grits “krupoto” with grilled tofu
Seasonal menu
  • Wild game goulash with bacon dumpling

  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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