Lunch menu

Delicious lunch at the exclusive French Restaurant

  • Monday

    • Minestrone
    • Chicken breast in yoghurt curry with beluga lentil and batata purée
    • Chocolate mousse
  • Tuesday

    • Potato soup with dill and pods
    • Viennese roastbeef with roasted baby potatoes and cucumber salad
    • Apple strudel with ice cream
  • Wednesday

    • Cabbage soup with sausage and dried plums
    • Roasted veal leg with vegetable. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes. Dumplings with cabbage
    • Buffet offer of desserts and salads
  • Thursday

    • Game broth with julienne vegetable
    • Roasted wild boar meat, red cabbage with caramel, Viennese dumpling
    • Homemade gingerbread with cream
  • Friday

    • Private Christmas party, French restaurant is closed

Haven't chosen yet? Try the seasonal offer or a fit lunch

Fit lunch
  • Quinoa salad with pea shoots and grilled cheese halloumi
Seasonal menu
  • Roasted duck quarter with caramel cabbage and homemade dumpling

  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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